Romney sees few viable options in early electoral strategy

“Mitt Romney stumped across central Iowa late last week, cramming in political events as he approached the Republican straw poll the state will have two weeks from now,” reports the estimable Michael Luo in a story for the Salt Lake Tribune Wire services titled Romney stumps in Iowa, hopes for strong, early GOP presidential showing.

… Already, candidates are trying to scramble the usual expectations. In Iowa, McCain and Giuliani will not take part in the Ames straw poll, and it is unclear whether even a thumping victory there will significantly help Romney. Nevertheless, seeing few other viable options, Romney, the former Massachusetts governor, has chosen to charge ahead with the traditional roadmap to the nomination, though he has made some adjustments … more [Emphasis ours]

Luo’s account is consonant with our own assessment of the candidate’s character, temperament, personal history, and sense of self. His preferred method of operation: brute force, i.e. “charging ahead” even when the facts on the ground and the testimony of the situation suggest a more sophisticated approach—or at least a very different approach.

The coming weeks should be interesting. Questions that should get answered:

  • How much of his own money is Romney willing to spend?
  • When will the declining productivity of Romney’s massive spending—especially on television ad buys—become either intolerable or simply unsustainable?
  • Romney prefers to operate through hirelings and specialists rather than friends, associates etc.; his circle is a tight one; at what point do the re-assessments and resignations begin? How will they be explained?
  • What does Romney’s so-called “emotion free crisis management” look like in practice?
  • Similarly: What will Romney’s infamously apolitical and non-ideological turn-around management leadership style look like on the campaign trail?
  • All of the elements are in place for a Howard-Dean-level supernova organizational flame-out should the Romney campaign’s rate of failure begin to cascade according to its own internal logic—what effect will Romney’s tragic fall have on the rest of the party?
  • What opportunities for reform and renewal will the collapse of the Romney campaign open up for the GOP in particular, and the conservative movement in general?—please understand: there is simply no downside to Romney’s departure from this race!

In sum, we need to begin thinking post-Romney.

yours &c.


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