Romney and the new alignment

In a web log post titled “Enduring Political Realignment” A graduate student struggling to remain relevant asks the following:

… I am asking the following: Will the 2008 election be the beginning of an enduring political realignment? Has President Bush’s “big government moralism” fundamentally altered the Republican party in a way that will make old assumptions about right versus left no longer useful? … more

Interesting question. Consider the rise of the reactionary liberal, conservatives in the most neutral sense of the term. These are figures like the Clinton’s of the 90s who saw their task as one of preserving and protecting the institutions and redistributive policies of the welfare state against their Republican brothers and sisters. Consider also the rise of what we call the post-progressive, counterconservative. These are figures like Bush who use, expand, or extend state power, or employ the coercive power of the state, in the service of conservative or at least relatively conservative goals. We use the term “post-progressive” because these figures often articulate themselves in the idiom of social progress or of state-as-service-provider, e.g. compassionate conservatism, no child left behind etc.

Reactionary liberals and counter-conservatives have become the center of US politics. Ideologically distinct they are objectively—at least in the practical effects of their policies—very-nearly identical.

For us, Romney, the equity sector candidate, represents the purest, clearest, most advanced form of the post-progressive counter-conservative.

yours &c.
dr. g.d.


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