“ridiculously fraudulent [Romney] family gathering”

Orr of the New Republic’s Plank writes:

So, yes, if I were Mitt Romney and my primary competitors for the GOP nomination were, to a greater or lesser degree, divorced ladies men, I’d probably make prominent political use of my large, beautiful family as well. But do we really need this video of them all “advising” him as he struggles to decide whether or not to run for president?

The Romney campaign even seems to recognize what a ridiculously fraudulent family gathering this is, given that half the video is spent rebutting the obvious arguments against making the video in the first place. For those who’d argue that this is a crass exploitation of Romney’s kids and grandkids, son Matt has this to say:

We could, you know, potentially protect kind of the family, the grandkids, etc., by just keeping them out of everything, and I think that that would actually be fine. But I think it would be a mistake. This is who you are. You care enough about family that we sit around and talk about this … more

NOTA: This is who you are. This is the you who you are, as opposed to all those other yous, the yous who you are not.

The claim itself belies its own falsity. So in that sense we agree: that truly is the Romney who Romney is.


yours &c.
dr. g.d.


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