Romney’s fatal indecision (i): the Hamlet of YouTube

First, Mitt Romney, who uses YouTube heavily, said he would not participate in the YouTube debate because a clown asked a question in the first one. Then, he said he might debate after all.

Humorless, indecisive, and ungrateful, all in one episode, this, argued by the estimable and brief James Ostrowski in a blog posted titled Romney and Clowns, linked to the’s campaign diary titled The Trail, only it should be titled the Trial, after Kafka.


From Greg Sargent of Election Central and his Flashback, a quote from Romney that goes back to April of this year:

“Why is it that the Democrats wouldn’t even go on Fox, but we Republicans are happy to sit there and have Chris Matthews of the Carter administration, former chief of staff to (ex-House speaker) Tip O’Neill?” asked Romney, in a Tuesday evening interview here with The Politico. “We’re happy to sit there and have him dish questions to us, but they won’t even go on Fox.”

So to correct Ostrowski, Romney is humourless, indecisive, ungrateful, and hypocritical.

This gentleman is supposed to be presidential!?

yours &c.
dr. g.d.


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