not *this* religious conservative; not in a million years

Recall our post titled Romney fails to persaude pro-life constituency:

“You change the constituency of the party,” Mr. Arkes said — either by showing that [pro-life] voters are not necessary to win, or by showing that [pro-life] voters are willing to subsume their cause to other issues, reports Robin Toner in a NYT story titled [Pro-life] Leaders Size Up G.O.P. Candidates. [Emphasis ours]

Now consider a redolent conclusion from The Bosque Boys, whoever they are:

Faced with a big-name opponent whom they don’t like very much (Hillary Clinton), religious conservatives will be happy to support a person of faith who enunciates conservative values such as Mitt Romney … more

Yes. OK. This is certainly Romney’s fervent prayer. And, yes, Romney has “enunciated” conservative values lately, which is the most anyone can say in support of Romney’s conservative values as Romney has no unequivocal record of governing from the right.

All we really know is that Romney, in advance of a national election, adopted an unreconstructed conservative line and suddenly affects to speak for the conservative movement, and suddenly affects to champion conservative causes.

But how deep do these “enunciations” run in the heart of this unstable candidate? Consider: Romney boasts on the stump that he leads not by precept or principle but by e.g. data analysis and benchmarking.

If Romney wins the GOP nomination—and it is likely that he will—we will cast our vote with the Libertarians.

This is our position.

In sum: there are some things we are unwilling to “subsume.” Romney is chief among them.

yours &c.
dr. g.d.


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