could it be true? Rudy ahead in NH and Iowa according to an ARG poll

We are not sure what to make of this Ace of Spades HQ post titled Surpise: ARG Poll Shows Rudy Ahead In NH, Iowa, a post linked to some formerly conservative group called NRO or something (we forget).

If—and only if—it is true, however, then this must count as empirical, verifiable, incontrovertible proof that either

  • there is a G_d and
  • He, or She, is merciful


  • Romney is even more titanically incompetent, inept, and indecisive than any of us imagined, especially with respect to the money and, hence, the organization that Romney commands

Pedants will point out that both (a) and (b) could be true. But we are too happy to care.

BTW: we have no brief for the former Mayor of NYC. Our position: we are opposed to Willard Milton Romney. Hence: We are for whomever opposes Willard Milton Romney.

yours &c.
dr. g.d.


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