“‘Mrs. Romney was recounting a very real and very difficult emotional reaction to the news about her disease,’ Romney campaign spokesperson Carolyn Weyforth told ABC News,” as reported by Sunlen Miller in a story titled Ann Romney Criticized for Cancer Comment.

“It’s something that many people go through, and it’s an honest reflection about a difficult period of her life. It’s a reflection that has obviously evolved as she has come to terms with the disease”more

This is a reasonably effective rejoinder, almost elegant what with its rhythm born of anaphora (repeated clause starters), e.g. It’s something … It’s an honest reflection … it’s a reflection … Yes: like most Romney-speak it is laboured, defensive, hedged, and highly qualified, and it fails to conceal its malice. It is, after all, an attempt to smack down a cancer victim.

But the Weyforth rejoinder is also coherent, fairly consistent, and very nearly persuasive—i.e. at least Ms. Weyforth’s claims do not flatly contradict themselves on their face. How unlike any of the clumsy and equivocal messages Romney himself emits. Or how unlike any of the botched signal that gets issued by Romney’s usual ventriloquist-dummy clarifier-for-hire, the unattractive, subliterate, disarticulate, and maddeningly unintelligible Kevin Madden. See:

Are the Romney’s exhausted by now what with putting out all these fires caused by their many gaffs, pratfalls, and miscommunications? You sort of have to wonder.

yours &c.
gilad dotan, phd

P.S. At least the Team Romney thugs didn’t tell the cancer victim to “lighten up.” This is progress of a sort. The sort of progress you make when you decide e.g. that banging your head on the basement floor does not deliver the sort of thrill that you thought it would and you move on to other activities.


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