Romney well behind other Republican candidates in head-to-head matchups with Democrat candidates, as reported by Schaller

Thomas Schaller hammers out a gleeful but grimly accurate assessment of the Republican candidates titled Why the Republicans don’t like their candidates; The GOP front-runner isn’t Fred Thompson or Mitt Romney. It’s “none of the above.

With McCain and Giuliani fading, the backstretch belongs to Romney, he of the utterly fungible belief system and utterly immovable coif. But just how much are Republican primary voters willing to bet on the former Massachusetts governor? White evangelicals hold special sway during GOP primary season. They constitute 31 percent of the Republican base in Iowa and 39 percent of GOP voters in South Carolina. How many of them will grit their teeth and vote for a candidate whom they believe to be a religious cultist? If Ralph Nader was capable of siphoning enough votes from a putative Democratic majority to put Bush in the Oval Office, imagine what a disgruntled white evangelical base can do to a Romney-led Republican ticket. And Republicans picking Romney because they care first and foremost about keeping the White House should take a moment to peruse the head-to-head matchups on between the top three declared GOP candidates and the Democrats’ trio of leading contenders. Against Clinton, Obama or John Edwards, McCain and Giuliani are competitive or, in some pairings, run slightly ahead; Romney is well behind all three more [Emphases ours]

So far the Evangelicals have largely held out against Romney’s lies, deceptions, flatteries, and bribes. See:

But will they continue to do so?

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