Romney attacks other candidates in desperate bid for attention; result: no one cares

Sunday was the Hillary and Fred Show, reports the estimable Dooley of the Dooley complex:

According to data tracked by Crawdad Technologies, Sunday’s political blogs had a razor focus on Hillary Clinton and Fred Thompson. Clinton got 60% of liberal buzzshare and 70% of conservative buzzshare for Democratic candidates. Flopping Aces reports on Newt Ginrich’s prediction of a Clinton-Obama ticket, the Hill Chronicles discusses Hillary and the female vote; while The Astute Bloggers comments on a potential lawsuit against Hillary from a former campaign worker, and conservative bloggers make fun of this photo. And there are a lot of bloggers talking about cleavage … more

Romney—not mentioned, not mentioned at all in Dooley’s analysis—spent the weekend furiously throwing his own feces at other candidates in a bid to get attention (example here). Result? Silence. Who cares about this joke candidate other than writers like myself?

yours &c.
dr. g.d.


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