Romney trails in the single digits; Americans rejoice

In a web log post titled Breaking News: Romney Drops to 2nd Tier, the estimable Whatmatters2us opines:

Mitt Romney, whose candidacy is largely a creation of his personal wealth and chameleon-like ability to change his positions to blend-in with whatever the audience of the day wants to hear, can no longer be considered a top-tier candidate for the Republican nomination. Despite raising a lot of money, and loaning his campaign millions more from his personal fortune, Romney has failed to gain any significant traction with the electorate. Stuck in single digits, not much ahead of Ron Paul, Duncan Hunter, and other candidates tagged as second-tier, Romney has been shouldered aside from the top tier by the surging popularity of candidate Rudy Giuliana and and non-candidate Fred Thompson. While a win in the upcoming Ames Straw Poll in Iowa may be in the offing for Romney, such a victory will be largely meaningless. Even Arizona Senator John McCain, whose campaign has been largely viewed as imploding, remains far ahead of Romney … more

We concur.

yours &c.
dr. g.d.


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