Romney: It’s OK to change your mind, reports the estimable Perry Beeman of the DesMoin Register:

”If changing your mind is a problem in this country, we’re in trouble,’ the candidate tells an audience in Eldora … more

Romney riffs on Igram Luther’s trope: If Lovin’ You Is Wrong I Don’t Want To Be Right. The trope is an enthymeme in the sense of “a figure of speech which bases a conclusion on the truth of its contrary.” And: as if on cue, various Joe Everymen step forward to offer their tedious variations on this theme: “Dude. We all change our minds. So STFU.”

But this is not the only rejoinder Romney has field tested on the stump. See:

Peregrin Wood: “Supporters of Mitt Romney are correct: Mitt Romney is a flip flopper too.”

So, in sum

It’s OK to change your mind


Other candidates flip-flop too, damn it!

We wonder what alibi Romney will offer us next.

yours &c.
dr. d.g.

Updates from the DesMoines Register: The estimable Nikki from the merry town of Schuchart, after complaining bitterly about Romney’s harassing telephone calls, allows that while she will never vote for Romney, she agrees with the claim that it is “OK to change your mind.” A responder to her argument—Justin from the rustic hamlet of Cremer—concurs:

I wouldn’t vote for Romney in a million years, but his statement that “If changing your mind is a problem in this country, we’re in trouble” certainly rings true. I would rather have politicians who are open to changing their stance after carefully weighing an issue than those who will forever remain stuck in their ways on principle.

BTW, can’t you sign up on a “Do Not Call” list and get rid of your problem? I haven’t had a home phone in years, so I don’t remember how that works … more [Emphasis ours]

Translation: Yes, we change our minds. But not enough to ever vote for—yikes!—Romney.

Lesson: even when Romney connects with his audience, he still fails to connect with his audience.


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