Peregrin Wood: “Supporters of Mitt Romney are correct: Mitt Romney is a flip flopper too.”

In an elegant web log entry titled Romney and Brownback in Flip Flop Fued, Peregrin Wood opines:

2008, it appears, will be the year of the Republican flip flopper. Back in 2004, Republicans dragged John Kerry down with the label of flip flopper, but now the flip flop insult has turned around 180 degrees to bite the Republican presidential candidates in the behind.

The flip flopping of Mitt Romney, on issues like abortion, same-sex marriage, and even the Bush tax cuts has become infamous. However, Romney’s supporters are not taking the flip flop label sitting down. No, they’re lashing out at other Republican presidential candidates, pointing out that they’re as much flip floppers as Mitt Romney.

For example, a writer at, who writes, “I’m the last one to think that Sam Brownback has credibility as a presidential candidate,” slams Senator Brownback as a flagrant flip flopper on the issue of immigration, saying,“The whole idea that Sam Brownback is leading the charge in labeling Governor Romney a “flip-flopper” after he changed his immigration vote (only one of the two or three most important votes of the last two years) in ten minutes has literally endless comic potential.”

Let me be the one to play peacemaker in this flip flop feud. Let’s find the win-win. I think that the supporters of Sam Brownback are right when they call Mitt Romney a flip flopper. However, I also think that the supporters of Mitt Romney are correct. Mitt Romney is a flip flopper too … more

yours &c.
dr. g.d.


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