Romney terrified by GOP YouTube debate! We ask: why?

Jim Geraghty of NR speculates in a post titled Will Romney skip the GOP YouTube debate?:

I understand what Mitt is saying in his doubts about the YouTube debate format, but most viewers and other members of the press thought there were some worthwhile questions and moments. The question on gay marriage left Edwards sputtering how he could adamantly oppose that while simultaneously advocating civil unions, and yet how he didn’t base that decision on his religion; we found that Hillary does not want to be called “liberal”: we found that Joe Biden doubts the sanity of Americans who carry Bushmaster rifles, we found that Barack Obama can rely on an easy joke about hailing a cab when asked if he’s “black enough” (with the question repeated by Anderson Cooper, no less) …

… Again, I think the example Romney cites points to the usefulness of at least one YouTube debate. Would any “regular” questioner have asked Obama or any other candidate if they would meet with leaders of North Korea, Iran, Syria, Cuba and Venezuela? … more

Geraghty answers his own question. It is the openness of the format that has the Romneys turning pale and gasping into paper bags. What do we know about the character of Willard Milton Romney? We know that he is a control freak. See:

Romney’s supporters damn him even as they praise him

BTW: This is the same NR that Romney paid off earlier. See:

Apparently Romney can’t even buy a break.

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