“Lighten up” becomes Romney talking point; this from the man whose presidential ambition it is to ruthlessly police our video games

The estimable JOHN DISTASO, Senior Political Reporter, writes:

Republican Mitt Romney isn’t sure yet whether he’ll participate in the CNN/YouTube.com Republican debate in September, but he’s no fan of the format.

“I think the presidency ought to be held at a higher level than having to answer questions from a snowman,” he said in an interview yesterday.

He said the debate showed that Democrat Barack Obama “is slowly but surely revealing who he is.

“His commenting about sitting down and visiting in the first year with the world’s most awful tyrants is an extraordinarily naive and ill-considered promise,” Romney said.

John McCain, also in New Hampshire yesterday, said the threat of terrorism “will be with us for the rest of this century.”

Romney doesn’t agree with the dark assessment, saying it will be eliminated “well before the end of this century” because the United States will help moderates in the Muslim world fight extremists.

“To me, that’s unacceptable to forecast conclusion,” he said. “Is it possible? Of course, but America can do better.”

Locally, Romney said he had not heard of the Manchester GOP’s “machine-gun” fundraiser but had no problem with it.

He said he’s flown F-16s and shot Uzis and an AK 47s, “and they’re fun. But I don’t think anyone is suggesting that these kinds of weapons are going to be in the public domain.”

“It sounds to me like a novelty and a fundraising opportunity,” Romney said. “We have to lighten up a bit as a society and not always be looking for ‘gotcha’ ” …
more [Emphasis ours]

We already commented on Romney’s fear of an unmanaged, unscripted YouTube encounter. See:

Romney terrified by GOP YouTube debate! We ask: why?

What interests us here is that “lighten up” has become a Romney talking point. Or at least a dodge that the candidate now applies across cases.

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