We ask: Is Romney the Bar Kamtza of our era?

Willard Milton Romney as Bar Kamtza. Consider it for a moment.

You must know a little about Tisha B’Av, which was yesterday, to understand this metaphor. The lesson of Kamtza and Bar Kamtza is as follows:

At the end of the section on the destruction of the Holy Temple, there is a statement by Rabbi Elazar, as follows, “Come and see what is the tremendous negative impact of embarrassing someone, for Hashem helped Bar-Kamtza and destroyed His House and burned His Palace” … more

Shame. Embarrassment. So: what is the link to Willard Milton Romney? Follow our admittedly tenuous reasoning: Could the humiliation of Romney’s father, George Romney—who claimed to be “brainwashed,” who got hammered by the Republican right wing of his own era when he, himself, attempted to take the White House—be the genesis of Willard Milton Romney’s Manchurian Candidacy, a candidacy in which he identifies with his father’s oppressors, the political right of our own era?


Romney’s father issues–again

Romney flaks and flatterers wax eloquent on the topic of Romney’s icy-cold reserve, his so-called “emotion free, crisis management,” a quality that you expect of a good number 2, or of an enforcer, or a of turn-around manager, or of a technician, or a of closer, but not a quality you expect to find in, say, a leader. You expect leaders to be empathetic. Question: Could a father’s tears be behind that cold facade?

yours &c.
dr. d.g.


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