The Romney partisans issue a cry for help through Thomas Alan: “Thompson Cannot be Allowed to Win the Nomination”

You can read Alan’s painful lament–a jeremiad-like warning in the form of a screed–a fit of epideictic rage–on the CoMITTed to Romney web log. Excerpt(s):

… I’ve generally held my fire on Sen. Thompson. I haven’t touched the story about his changing position on abortion and I found it unseemly that some people have attacked his wife. He seems like a nice enough guy and a genuine conservative. He’s not as good as Gov. Romney, but he would be the most acceptable alternative and a person I’d be willing to help campaign for. My biggest concern with him has always been that I think he’d provide our worst chance of defeating Sen. Clinton. That concern has not been enough to justify the breaking of Reagan’s 11th Commandment.

… And with that, the last of my goodwill for Sen. Thompson is gone. Less than two weeks in and a top-notch campaign hire needs to leave because he cannot deal with the amateurish manner in which Sen. Thompson’s campaign is putting itself together.

Sen. Thompson’s greatest character flaws have been reported to be his laziness. The lackadaisical manner in which he’s approached his official entering of the race has not helped that perception, but this latest revalation should be a bombshell. Simply put, the man is not a competant enough executive to put together a competant campaign structure. How can he possibly expect to become the executive of the largest and most complex body in the history of humanity? For that matter, how can he expect to defeat Sen. Clinton who, for all her flaws as a candidate, at least knows the ins and outs of a presidential campaign and how to put a team together.

My worst fears are true. Sen. Thompson would make a poor president. Which is beside the point because he will never become president. Even if he wins the nomination, his incompetance as a manager will lead to his landslide defeat … more

Note the writer’s pain. Note the writer’s anguish. Imagine the desperation and confusion in the Romney camp. All that money, all that organization, and yet they hover at the bottom of the polls, and yet they are about to get trounced by a non-candidate with no money, no organization, and no resume to speak of.

Note how the Mittwit writer inverts Romney talking points to describe his sworn enemy, the allegedly lazy, inept, and incompetent Thompson whom he initially damns with the faint praise of being an “acceptable alternative” to Romney.

Note how the Mittwit writer is reduced here to almost begging, and there to almost scolding, his poor readers.

There is nothing uglier than a follower of Willard Milton Romney when he or she is angry.

yours &c.
dr. d.g.


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