Cillizza: “[Romney] campaign has sought to downplay the extent of [Romney’s] personal donations”

The estimable Chris Cillizza of the opines:

… To date Romney has loaned his campaign just short of $9 million — $2.35 million in the first quarter and another $6.5 million in the second. His campaign has sought to downplay the extent of his personal donations, saying only that as long as regular Americans invest in Romnney he will continue to do the same …

… Let’s put that in perspective: To date, Romney has raised a total of $44 million. Former New York City Mayor Rudy Giuliani has raised $35.6 million. If Romney is willing (he certainly appears able) to put in even the low end of that $40 and $60 million estimate, it gives him a huge leg up when it comes to planning a campaign in the multiple states voting on Feb. 5 — including costly giants like California, Illinois , and Georgia.

Don’t forget that back in 2004 Sen. John Kerry’s miraculous comeback in Iowa and beyond was fueled by a $6 million personal donation to his campaign. The money allowed him to flood the Iowa airwaves with ads and mailings that led to his eventual victory in the Hawkeye State and beyond.

Romney has that sort of advantage in spades. Any time his campaign appears to be slowing or needs any sort of infusion, he can whip out the check book. It’s a HUGE advantage for Romney and one that so far has been overlooked in coverage of the money race … more

Overlooked by whom!? Romney flaks and flatterers emit much and constant noise about this very thing. Aside from an alarming capacity to lie with a straight face or to reverse positions in an instant, it is Romney’s only real advantage over the other candidates.

While it is sad to think that our republic is for sale, to think that the rich can buy their way into high office, we can at least console ourselves that at least to date, this particular rich person has failed to purchase the base of the Republican party. Please see:

How did Romney acquire his vast personal wealth? See:

Romney and private equity: the new ruling class

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dr. d.g.


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