Alter of MSNBC: Romney bashes Mexican immigrants at one stop, praises Hispanic group at another

The estimable Messrs Edwards and Menaker of Raw story report thusly:

“Lighten up,” was the message delivered by Mitt Romney when confronted at a campaign stop about his latest photo-op with a supporter holding a sign comparing Sen. Barack Obama (D-IL) with Osama Bin Laden. On Monday’s Countdown Keith Olbermann joked, “that’s Romney, not 9/11 planner Ramzi bin Al-Shibh,” as he introduced a clip showing the former Massachusetts governor being asked why he would compare any American with Osama bin Laden.

Olbermann talked with Newsweek editor and MSNBC political analyst Jonathan Alter about the somewhat cavalier manner in which Romney has been doling out barbs, especially last week when he accused Obama of supporting “sex-ed for kindergartners,” a policy Romney himself supported as governor of Massachusetts.

While Alter cautioned that we could all stand to “lighten up” a bit, he stated that, “the problem with Romney campaign is that he is so intent on winning that he will literally say anything.”

Alter then used the example of Romney’s back to back appearances where he was bashing Mexican immigrants at one stop, and then appeared in front of a Hispanic group to ladle out praise for the Hispanic people … more

Romney will say anything to be president? Well, duh. Romney’s own people, as reported on Romney’s own campaign sites say the same thing. See:

Notter of Merrimack on Romney the Ridiculous: “Everything he said was what we wanted to hear”

Our question: how long can Romney brazen out these glaring contradictions?

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dr. d.g.


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