We ask: Has a brief moment of lucidity sent Romney running from the Iowa Straw Polls?

We know that Romney had set himself up to fail.

Read about it here: LewRockwell.com: [Romney] has spent $32 million for eight Gallup points

We know that Romney’s incompetence combined with hubris was unsustainable.

Read about it here: Ruffini: “Romney’s leads remind me of Howard Dean’s hard-earned leads in those states in 2004″

So, we ask, is this what motivated the hapless, helpless, and hopeless equity sector candidate to run screaming like a little girl out of Iowa?

Read about it here–but read between the lines (we’re talking about Romney, after all, so the truth is often difficult to discern amidst the noise and obfuscations): Romney Scales Back Straw Poll Plans, by the estimable AMY LORENTZEN

As always: Romney’s biggest problem: Romney.

yours &c.
dr. d.g.


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