Pollock of JER: Romney-care “quasisocialist”

From the transcript of the Journal Editorial Report:

Varney: Bret, you’ve been strangely quiet in the health-care debate. Why don’t you muscle in some?

Stephens: No, look, I think that the issue here is how Republicans fight ideological debates. And we have a 40-year history of Republican policy, which says, We’re in favor of what the Democrats are in favor of, only less so. And I think that, exactly as Jason put it, the Republicans have to articulate a set of clear free-market principles that don’t seem politically to be penalizing preferred groups–children, the elderly or so forth. If they don’t do that, they’re going to be steamrolled.

Riley: I will tell you who else has been very quiet on this is the Republican presidential candidates, who I think are in the same position as the Republicans in Congress.

Pollock: No, no. Again, I respectfully disagree on this. But you’ve got–on one side, you’ve got Mitt Romney, who’s running a sort of quasisocialist experiment he did in Massachusetts. But you’ve also got Rudy Giuliani, who’s came forward with some very interesting market-oriented ideas, building on the tax cuts, but also pushing for interstate commerce in health insurance, which is currently not allowed and would make a major difference in improving the market … more [Emphasis ours.]

Our response: quasi!?

yours &c.
dr. d.g.


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