Gelzinis: “Make-believe is reality in Mr. Romney’s Neighborhood”

The estimable Peter Gelzinis writes:

For those of you who want to believe that this was some sort of aberration, that Mitt and his pocket-sized Karl Rove – my former Herald amigo, Eric Fehrnstrom – knew nothing about what Jay Garrity was up to . . . think again.

Mitt Romney hasn’t had a spontaneous moment in his whole life. Everything is scripted. Every move is either geared toward the bottom line, or a specific result. So if a fraud like Jay Garrity was clever enough to make the press believe he was OFFICIAL, then more power to him.

After all, how could a guy who masqueraded as governor while plotting his run for the White House hold anything against a hustler who was eager to give the Mitt campaign an extra veneer of self-importance? Remember, Mitt was the governor who always made sure that – along with the phone and the flashing blue lights – his Crown Vic was stocked with plenty of hand sanitizermore

yours &c.
dr. d.g.


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