Romney’s father issues–again

… detailed by the estimable Kevin Tracy in a web log post titled  George and Mitt Romney – Like Father, Like Son:

Some of you may remember the 1968 presidential race, and if you followed politics 40 years ago, you may find that the name “Romney” sounds familiar. Thats because in the 60’s, Mitt Romney’s father, George Romney, was a widely popular Governor from the state of Michigan. So popular in fact, that he did what all popular Governors do, he ran for President! With a great legacy in Michigan, a solid record as a moderate Republican, and widespread support among the base, everything appeared to be going swimmingly.

Except one thing.

Romney had toured Vietnam in November of 1965 and was hawkish. By 1967, the war was vastly unpopular and every indication at the time was that anti-war sentiment was going to explode off college campuses, so to protect himself, George W. Romney not only flip-flopped… he accused the United States Government of BRAINWASHING him!!! … more

Compare:  SMCB: Romney’s father claimed he was “brainwashed

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dr. d.g.


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