Romney will fool some, but not all

MassResistance, one of a few web logs that chronicled Romney’s disastrous single term as Governor of Massachusetts, questions whether Focus on the Family is “delusional” about Romney, as suggested by the Denver Post article that they cite. But compare carefully the details of the Denver Post article with other reporting and another account emerges. Read about it here: Romney courts Dobson, fails miserably to persuade.

Here is where we must trust the wisdom of our friends.

Or: here is where we must allow them to make their own mistakes.

The person of Mitt Romney is the suicide pill of the political right in particular, and the conservative movement in general. Whether any of us, or, more accurately, how many of us, accept it and swallow it remains an open question. The truth will out. Yes. But sometimes not in our own generation.

yours &c.
dr. d.g.


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