Martin: Romney also once backed “age-appropriate” sex ed

The estimable Jonathan Martin reports on yet another instance of Romney’s policy reversals.

Former Gov. Mitt Romney attacked Sen. Barack Obama yesterday for purportedly wanting sex education in kindergarten.

It turns out, Romney himself once indicated support for the same sort of sex-ed approach — “age-appropriate” — that Obama backs.

In a Planned Parenthood questionnaire he filled out during his 2002 gubernatorial run, Romney checked ‘yes’ to a question asking, “Do you support the teaching of responsible, age-appropriate, factually accurate health and sexuality education, including information about both abstinence and contraception, in public schools?”

The answer, pointed out by a rival campaign, was resurrected in 2005 when Romney was criticized by Massachusetts pro-choice groups when he began to push an abstinence-heavy focus on sex education.  Still, his spokesman said then that he still backed a “comprehensive” approach on teaching public school kids about sex.

But last night, sensing an opportunity to burnish his cultural conservative credentials, Romney used a speech before a Colorado GOP group to light into his potential rival on the issue … more

Romney versus Romney–again! The end of this story is always the same: embarrassment for the candidate, and his complete loss of credibility on the issue. How much humiliation is Romney prepared to endure?

More important: how much more humiliation are Republicans prepared to endure by allowing men and women like Willard Milton Romney to front for them?

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dr. d.g.


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