Romney supporter: [social conservatives] “need to grow up or go to school”–conservatives are also deceptive, unsophisticated, immature, and unschooled

David French of “Evangelicals for Mitt” lashes out at conservative Romney critics:

I suppose I should stop being surprised by what is either (1) outright deceptive spin; or (2) a stunning lack of sophistication …

So: we who identify ourselves as conservatives are

  • outright deceptive
  • stunningly unsophisticated

…or knowledge by some quarters (often self-described “grassroots activists”) of the social conservative movement …

Is it too much to ask for the folks on our side of the aisle to either grow up or go to school?

Now we are

  • immature
  • unschooled

There is certainly a legitimate and serious debate over whether Mitt Romney or Fred Thompson will be the best standard bearer for social conservatives, but the grade school absurdity of the Marriott “gotcha” has no place in that conversationmore

Finally, we are simply absurd.

Context: French’s candidate, Romney, crawled on his hands and knees, begging for social-conservative leader Dr. Dobson’s support, only to get attacked by FOTF. So you can imagine French’s frustration.

We predicted long ago that the Romneys–rejected, despised, or simply ignored–would cut their losses trying to suck up to social conservatives and move on.

Hypothesis: the social-conservative, extreme makeover fails; hence: the Romneys emit a different message

But now another hypothesis suggests itself. Perhaps the Romneys will turn on their objects of their unwholesome desire with all the rage of a rejected suitor.

yours &c.
dr. d.g.


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