Romney reversed positions on guns, gays, marriage, and the war

So claims Sen. John Kerry in a Boston Herald Reporter story titled Kerry to Mitt: Who’s flip-flopping now? by the estimable Casey Ross:

Kerry: “Let’s be very clear. I had not changed my positions and they played a game with that,” Kerry said of his Republican opponents in the 2004 race.

By contrast, he said, Romney is far more deserving of the flip-flopper label. “He’s changed on abortion, he’s changed on gay rights and he’s changed on marriage,” Kerry said. “He’s changed on guns and he’s changed on the war. That’s pretty significant. I think people are asking the question out there,

‘Who is he, really?’ ”more

This is the question everyone asks, again and again. This is the question that inspired this web log. Here is how the Romneys respond, again and again.

A Romney spokesman quickly returned fire yesterday, charging that Kerry is harboring the delusions of a fallen contender.

“This is a textbook case of Freudian projection,” Eric Fehrnstrom said. “John Kerry is projecting his own undesirable traits onto other people. It’s a mild form of personality disorder. Usually, it’s not a cause for concern unless it shows up in a U.S. senator.” more

In this case the Romneys direct their rage at a senator of a rival party.

But this is also how they answer querants on the right.

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