Potential Romney supporters ask: why does the candidate not open his website for commments?

Class of 2010 asks: Is Romney using technology effectively?

Class of 2010’s answer is no; the analysis that supports it is persausive.

Today, technology is a major way of communicating with the world. Presidential candidate Mitt Romney has used some of today’s most popular websites such as MySpace, Flickr, Facebook, and YouTube, to introduce himself. He also has blogs pertaining to his family. This will help him let America know that he is a family man and can relate to their problems. However there weren’t alot of blogs from people other than his family. I personally think that he used technology mostly to explain who he is and less for what we the people think about his campaign. I also think that if he is president then he’ll be too focused on his family to deal with the issues today or issues affecting us in that time, because he is so much of a family man, . If Mitt Romney wants to be a better candidate then he should keep his website open for comments from people who are observing his campaign so that we can make him a better candidate.

Romney’s communications cadre appear to prefer soft sell either in the form of hypnotic videos or what we have called “THE SCRIPT.” THE SCRIPT appears on–we have counted–dozens of web logs. Here is an example. It follows this pattern: after assessing 1, 2, or 3 of the other candidates, and deciding that 1 or 2 of them could be effective on some highly specialized grounds, the writer will conclude that “by far, I am thinking that Mitt Romney is the man the Republicans need,” and conclude:

I will be honest, I a Republican because I support the Republican stance on fiscal issues and States Rights vs. Federal Government Rights. I want less government spending and more financial accountability from out nation’s national leaders and I think Mitt is the one who can deliver. His record of vetoes on spending issues as Governor support my thinking on that. But this is just my opinion. more

Note the folksy, hedging gestures: I will be honestBut this is just my opinion. Here is a trailer-park everyman, fighting for his inalienable right to laud, praise, and magnify Romney. THE SCRIPT appears in other variations. But this is its general shape.

Anyone who frequents communities like USENET or freerepublic.com has encountered another Romney outreach program: flooding threads and newsgroups with flaks and flatterers. At their best they affect the pose of patient redactors, politely interpolating Romney campaign boilerplate into any discussion; at their worst they affect the tone of peeved customer service professionals, outraged that you would even consider not supporting Romney.

This is an example of an organized Mittwit counterstrike on freerepublic.com, titled MassResistance (anti-Romney group) Vs. The Truth.

Since there are those on FR [Freerepublic] that rely on the group MassResistance for the basis of their charges that Mitt Romney is a “radical leftist” and a “pro-radical gay agenda” politician, I felt it would be instructive to those who are not familiar with this group to present, in their own words, just how they arrived at these conclusions about Gov. Romney. The following is a transcript of a Press Conference Governor Romney gave on June 6, 2005. See if you agree with MassResistance’s presentation of the facts:(the bolded type is what they found “interesting”)more

The article was posted, comments invited; hostile Mittwits policed it ruthlessly, putting down dissent wherever it developed. Note how it follows a variation of THE SCRIPT, an objective stance passing into a partisan statement disguised as a conclusion.

So, Class of 2010, we may conclude that, yes, Romney is using (online and electronic) technology. And in innovative ways.

Whether he is using it effectively remains an open question.

yours &c.
dr. d.g.


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