The Brody File: Dr. R. Land says “It’s Fred Thompson’s race to lose”

The Brody File concludes:

The Brody File is always trying to give it to you straight so let me do so here. Dr. Land is not the only Evangelical leader to feel this way. Others that I have talked to haven’t gone on record but they like what they see from Thompson. This has got to be a major concern for Mitt Romney…not to mention frustrating. Here is Romney working hard on the campaign trail for months and securing key conservatives along the way. He’s put out policy initiatives, talked about the culture war, etc. Thompson skips along singing a happy tune because he’s not officially in yet. Romney needs some of those Evangelical heavyweights. Having them in his hip pocket is crucial. It would give him cover on the Mormon issue. It’s a long race but I’m hearing that you can expect some of these national leaders to come out by the fall with who they like. Time is of the essence. (Emphasis mine.)

yours &c.
dr. g.d.


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