SMCB: Romney’s father claimed he was “brainwashed”

Sustainable Middle Class Blog writes:

Mitt’s father George Romney is remembered as a generally honest, moderate governor of Michigan during the 1960s. He tried to win the 1968 Republican nomination for president but lost to Nixon. One of Romney’s most contraversial (and prescient) mis-steps during the campaign was to say that he had had a “brainwashing” during a fact-finding trip Viet Nam, and became highly skeptical of the need to continue the war. This early opposition to the war put him at odds with the surging right-wing of the party more

A “surging right-wing” crushed the moderate George Romney’s presidential ambition. Now the son, Willard Milton, abandons his own moderate position and embraces completely that same “surging right-wing,” even against his own son, Tagg.

Is the son (Willard Milton) slaying the father?

Or: is he learning from his father’s mistakes?

Or: what?

yours &c.
dr. g.d.

P.S. Please go here for an update:

Romney’s father issues–again 


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