“Mitt’s stances on issues are nuanced”; applied Mittwit logic

Here is the video.

Mittwit rejoinder:

In defending his positions in the past, two things are made very evident: 1. Mitt’s stances on issues are nuanced (as one would expect from an intelligent person) and thoroughly contemplated. 2. In his debate performances, Mitt comes off as extremely sharp and articulate. If I were a liberal, I’d be concerned that this video and site merely showcase Mitt’s nuanced views, thoughtfulness, and excellent communication skills. Mitt should wear attacks like this as a badge of honor.

Commentary: The “nuanced” defense as a justification of policy reversals failed to work for Sen. John Kerry in the last presidential election cycle. In fact: it became a joke. Note: If I were a liberal, I’d be concerned … Would you, really? The vignette was produced by Democrats, not Republicans.

Say that Romney got caught on film enlarging upon, and identifying with, the tenets of Nationalist Socialism. Would the Mittwit not respond: Mitt’s stances are very nuanced. If I were a Nazi, I would be concerned. Answer: No, Mittwit; if I were a Jew, I would be concerned. And I am a Jew, a Jew and a principled conservative.

Mittwit rejoinder #2:

If the assertion is true and Romney really is a liberal, why would the Massachusetts Democrats (as liberals who want to elect liberals) go to such great lengths to harm his campaign? It’s been made very clear by Mitt Romney that he has changed his position on abortion, yet these guys seem mainly concerned with clarifying the well-known “effective” pro-choice stance he used to espouse. How, exactly, is helping to clarify his Pro-Life conversion going to hurt him?

Note the ad hominem reasoning. Note also: an interpretation that inverts the meaning of Romney’s own testimony. Liberals have promoted the video; hence, Liberals want to injure Romney; hence: Romney is not a liberal. This is risible on its face.

yours &c.
dr. g.d.


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