National Review challenged by Movement Conservatives; the issue: Romney

Peter J. Smith writes about it in an article titled “Conservative Leaders Challenge National Review to Stop Giving Romney a Pass on Gay ‘Marriage’

NEW YORK, July 12, 2007 ( -The National Review has failed to give its readership the truth about Mitt Romney and his “constitutional bungling” over same-sex “marriage” say twenty-two conservative activists in a now public letter to the conservative magazine.

“What they have done from Goodridge on, in regards to Goodridge and gay ‘marriage’ is journalistic malpractice of the worst kind,” John Haskins of the Parents’ Rights Coalition told “It is evidence of gross incompetence on matters of law and constitutions and of an underlying cynicism in much of National Review’s work” … more

The article concludes:

Mitt Romney’s consistent third place finish in the polls and the anticipated arrival of Fred Thompson in the primary race as a challenger to the openly pro-abortion liberal Rudy Giuliani may divert any further consideration the conservative publication may have for Romney. Nevertheless, the public letter is clear confirmation of Hadley Arkes 2004 prediction on National Review that legalizing gay “marriage” would destroy Romney’s political career and pro-family conservatives show no signs of forgetting it.

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