Evangelicals for Mitt admit: the attacks on Romney’s credibility are effective

Responding to The Brody File, David French enlarges upon the theme of Romney’s invulnerability:

Why the consistent “flip-flopper” theme? Because it is the one point of vulnerability. Changes in position always lead to those charges. You can’t hit the Governor on integrity issues.You can’t hit him on his record of accomplishment in the private or public sectors. So what’s left? Alleged flip-flopping. But unlike Senator Thompson, Governor Romney has developed a clear and coherent response to questions about his abortion conversion, and the attacks are becoming less and less effective.

Please note: becoming less effective, writes French. So the charge was effective. It is still effective. Only now it is less so. Significantly less so? Only a little bit less so?

Please also note: French describes Romney as having converted or as having been converted; in other words, this was no gradual evolution in point of view or a coming to understand.

Rather: this was a Saul of Tarsus reversal–a transvaluation, this despite other accounts that depict Mitt Romney as a stealth valuer of life who acquiesced to the Democratic majority of his state. In this account Romney excuses himself using the Senator Kerry forumula of personally abhoring abortion while allowing others to decide for themselves etc., etc.

Here is my point: Have we really been provided a clear and coherent response to any of the questions about Romney’s many reversals? I mean, really?

yours etc.
dr. g.d.


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