Eisenhower: “How truthful was Romney being in that 1994 Senate debate when he tried to distance himself from Ronald Reagan and George H.W. Bush by emphasizing the fact that he was an independent during those administrations?”

Woodrow Eisenhower writes in an entry titled “Romney Changes Story On Tsongas Vote“:

Apparently, in 1992, Mitt Romney (an independent at that time) voted for Sen. Paul Tsongas in the Massachusetts Democratic presidential primary, saying, at the time, that he voted for Tsongas because “Tsongas was from Massachusetts and because [Mitt] favored [Tsongas’s] ideas over those of Bill Clinton.”

However, now, 15 years later, Romney gives the following reason: “[I voted] in the [1992] Democrat primary … for the person who I thought would be the weakest opponent for [George H. W. Bush].”

Only thing is, Tsongas could hardly have been called the “weakest opponent” for GHWB. Tsongas actually won the Massachusetts primary, and the important New Hampshire primary as well. If Romney was voting for the weakest Democrat just to spite the Dems, why did he not cast his ballot for Larry Agran or Charles Woods?

This is a difficult lie even by Romney standards. Romney voted in a Democratic primary to support the weaker candidate? He was really supporting the Republican, the elder Bush?

yours etc.
dr. g.d.


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